Liotrivi Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki Variety 100ml Tin

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Extra virgin olive oil, Koroneiki variety, Premium class, produced entirely in Liotrivi estate.

The Koroneiki variety is a local variety that thrives excellently in the Peloponnese. Its fruit is medium-sized green, while the olive oil it produces is delicate/spicy, ideal for salads, Mediterranean cuisine, and seafood.

Olive cultivation is carried out using the traditional cultivation method, combined with modern practices that ensure the highest quality of olive oil at an acidity of < 0.3%.

The harvesting is done traditionally (without machinery) and the olive is processed by the cold pressing method, less than 22oC, immediately after harvesting. Producing in this way a product with very rich quality and taste characteristics.

Very high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols, strong aroma, delicate/spicy flavor.